We are always tinkering with our framing techniques to try and improve them, but one that has worked well for the double stud wall is to wrap the rough openings for doors and windows with Zip System sheathing. It connects the inner and outer 2×4 wall in the double wall assembly and stiffens the rough opening. It also provides nailing for trim when the time comes.

The Zip System sheathing jamb is sealed to the exterior sheathing with a combination of Zip System stretch tape on the sill and the more common Zip System tape on the sides and top. The stretch tape receives rave reviews from the crew. It is easy to apply and doesn’t wrinkle when you form it to every corner.

The MAJOR thing to remember when framing with this technique is to add 1 in. to all rough opening dimensions. It’s kind of important, unless you don’t mind doing this twice …


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